How the Scientific Publishing Business works

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This cute bear wants to publish his paper after 10 months of hard work and he faces the scientific publishing business and their restrictions…. “I’m so mad right now, I could through a marshmallow at you”.  Best quote ever! ? (h/t @sciencecomedian)


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These lives matter #147notjustanumber #GarissaAttack — VICTOR NDULA (@ndula_victor) April 5, 2015 It is very easy to overlook the agony and suffering of the #Garisaattack victims until face and name is connected with the statistics. Until you can put yourself in the shoes of that student or the family. The twitter hashtag #147notjustanumber did it […]

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Doodling helps with thinking

Finally somebody explained why I doodle. They actually help my thinking. So next time you catch me doodling, dont disturb! Thinking in progress. So here is a sample of some of my doodles. No idea what was going through my mind here, but trust me, it must have been serious science. I realised that I had […]

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Have we counted the cost?

We all know that nothing comes without a cost. All our actions have costs and outcomes. A business person (successful) will do a cost benefit analysis before committing to an investment. Our freedom fighters knew the cost of their struggle–death, detention, torture etc–and they were ready to pay. Most importantly, they knew the benefit of […]

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Publishing in the Science

Congratulations to the Glossina Genome Initiative for the paper;  “Genome Sequence of the Tsetse Fly (Glossina morsitans): Vector of African Trypanosomiasis” that just published in the Science. Special thanks to Geoffrey M. Attardo and Serap Aksoy for leading the team to this great achievement. This work is of great significance to Africa. Tsetse flies, are the only vectors […]

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