Thank You Lord

Good morning good people,

I woke up  this morning feeling blessed and happy. I started thinking of the small and great deeds of God through others towards me. I couldn’t help but be thankful. In the spirit of thanksgiving, I got down to writing this. Thanking God for everyone that has had an impact in my  life.

Blessings daily I enjoy;
Of living and enjoying the goodness of the Lord,
Of family’s Love, care and support,
And of friends filling my days with merry, 

I just want to Thank You Lord

Thank you, Lord, for saving me; 
Giving me a hope and a future, the greatest thing one could ask for,
For a wonderful family, that taught me to Love you more,
For the precious friends, that got me appreciating you as a Friend,
Thank you, Lord,

You’ve done so much for me, that at times I wonder if I deserve;
Success that follow me, it can only be your doing,
Opportunities that come my way, they can only be your making,
The mountains I climb, it can only be by your strength,
Thank You Lord

Help me to always  appreciate;
Mentors and tutors who impart knowledge,
Pastors who shepherd my soul,
And that person who offers a smile along the way,
Bless them Lord


 This song captures my message this morning.

Do have a blessed day. And, remember to be thankful



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