Doodling helps with thinking

Finally somebody explained why I doodle. They actually help my thinking. So next time you catch me doodling, dont disturb! Thinking in progress.

So here is a sample of some of my doodles.

2014-06-26 11.09.46
Flipchart marker doodle

No idea what was going through my mind here, but trust me, it must have been serious science.

2014-06-26 11.10.35
Don’t judge, I am no artist

I realised that I had a number of pages of ideas after this.

For more info read:

  1. Research on doodling:
  2. US presidents doodles:

There you go. Doodling isn’t childish or time wasting. It is thinking.

Feel free to share some of your doodles

Doodlers, unite!


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