Have we counted the cost?

We all know that nothing comes without a cost. All our actions have costs and outcomes. A business person (successful) will do a cost benefit analysis before committing to an investment.

Our freedom fighters knew the cost of their struggle–death, detention, torture etc–and they were ready to pay. Most importantly, they knew the benefit of that struggle, land and freedom. They were willing to die with the full knowledge that the freedom attained would benefit the generations to come.

The worst death is one without a purpose, without a reason, without a benefit. This is what Kenyans subjected themselves to in 2007/2008. They fought without counting the cost. They fought without even checking if there was something to gain. And what did they achieve from the fighting? From burning houses and killing their neighbours? A divided nation, death, a weeping neighbour, IDPs, and many other sufferings afflicted to each other.

Without letting the politicians or or giving in to mob psychology, what if we stopped, thought and asked.  What are we fighting for? Whose war are we fighting? Whose cause are we dying for?  What is the cost? Who bears the cost? Who will benefit? What will we gain?

We would have realised that there is everything to lose and nothing to gain. We would have realised that we would still need our neighbor after the clashes. We would have realised that the politicians kid will not be part of the demonstrations or the fight.

Post elections violence should not go to waste. We should learn from it.

We should be better than these wildebeests.

The wise learn from others mistakes. They do not need to get into a fire to know that it burns, they only need to see what it does to another person.

Let us be wise and learn from our neighbours. We do not want to take the path of Somalia, South Sudan or the Rwandan genocide.

Usalama unaanza na mimi, usalama unaanza na wewe.


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