It is very easy to overlook the agony and suffering of the #Garisaattack victims until face and name is connected with the statistics. Until you can put yourself in the shoes of that student or the family. The twitter hashtag #147notjustanumber did it for me. Here is my tweet earlier on:

And the names of some of the victims in the daily paper:

They are not just a statistics. You can put face to names by going through the hash tag below:

I laud the brave soldiers who risked their lives during the operations. Was an act of negligence or lapse in logistical decision making to blame for the many lives lost? It is clear that some lessons were learnt from the previous Westgate, but many mistakes were repeated.

Its only when the government and all the people responsible for security learn that 147 is not just a number that security can be taken seriously. That the official at the border post can take their job seriously. That bribes will stop making our borders porous. That “Ulinzi unaanza na mimi, ulinzi unaanza na wewe” becomes practical.

Words are nice, but action is what we really need. From all of us.


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