I am His masterpiece, and that is enough


Going through my free writing notes from last year, I came across this.It remains a blessing to me every time I re-read it. I believe it will be to you as well.

I am His masterpiece and that is enough. What does this mean for me? What impact does this have on me? I am His masterpiece. Perfectly created to fulfill His purpose here on Earth. But then, What is that purpose? What is it that I would love to accomplish in this Earth?

I am His masterpiece, His most outstanding piece of artwork. His best. After creating Man He said it was very good. What was the good that He saw in Man? He saw His image in Man. That is the masterpiece in Man.That is what is perfect in man. That is what does His will. Him in a man, manifesting Himself. That is His masterpiece. That is what gets the Master known and respected, that is what gets God known. What we display. His best attributes.

May God purge away all the dross that is hiding His masterpiece in me. So that I can display His masterpiece.

That is it, as is. Unedited, unfiltered.



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