Doodling helps with thinking

Finally somebody explained why I doodle. They actually help my thinking. So next time you catch me doodling, dont disturb! Thinking in progress. So here is a sample of some of my doodles. No idea what was going through my mind here, but trust me, it must have been serious science. I realised that I had […]

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Science Illustrators

I have recently been procrastinating with my blog posts. Got so many titles in draft that I need to write on, but keep blaming my tight masters schedule. This is unacceptable. So I decided to publish a title of this post to force myself to write it within a week (and it worked!). So, as […]

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Reporting science: Journalistic deficit disorder-A case of NK603 longterm study.

Sound scientific reporting has been a challenge for a long time.  This goes to the scientist and the reporters alike.  The scientist ought to lay out the facts clearly to be understood by the scientists and the laymen, especially when the findings  affects the general population. On the other hand, the journalists ought to fully […]

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