Have we counted the cost?

We all know that nothing comes without a cost. All our actions have costs and outcomes. A business person (successful) will do a cost benefit analysis before committing to an investment. Our freedom fighters knew the cost of their struggle–death, detention, torture etc–and they were ready to pay. Most importantly, they knew the benefit of […]

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Science Writing Prize 2014: How to avoid common mistakes in science writing

Originally posted on Wellcome Trust Blog:
With the deadline for the Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize fast approaching, we thought we’d continue our “How to” series with some tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Akshat Rathi is the science and data editor of The Conversation UK and has seen his fair share of writing submitted for…

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Thank You Lord

Good morning good people, I woke up  this morning feeling blessed and happy. I started thinking of the small and great deeds of God through others towards me. I couldn’t help but be thankful. In the spirit of thanksgiving, I got down to writing this. Thanking God for everyone that has had an impact in […]

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MSc Bioinformatics and computational Molecular Biology

The year 2013 was a busy but blessed year for me. I registered for a one year masters by research and coursework in the Research Unit in Bioinformatics (RUBi)  through a Rhodes university and South African National Research Foundation (NRF) research scholarship. Rhodes is a leading research university in South Africa located in Grahamstown–a small town in the Eastern Cape. RUBi […]

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